Our Story

ÆGIR – The Giant on the Ocean from DOLME.se

In ancient nordic culture the God covring the ocean was named ÆGIR. ÆGIR died just like all other Nordic Gods; just until recently when he rebirthed in a pull-bouy for swimrun.

Engineers with time brings great products. The modern ÆGIR got birth from two mid-aged swimrunners at parental leave. Both of us have a history in the sport with a total of 3 finishes in Ö-till-Ö. We have a background in marine engineering, product development and computer science.

When Ö-till-Ö decided on space envelope constraints 32x30x15 in late 2019 we launched the product idea: fill the space with a hydrodynamic shape and go to market ASAP. Floatation makes speed and no other product on the market had realized this potential to use the full volume. The swimrun sport has room for more gear. Wetsuits and shoes are evolving; flotation (and hydration?) we believe is next.

After extensive testing we also realized the importance of hydrodynamic and water balance. With this came the asymmetric shape. Strong swimmers need to minimize drag and use the small floatation part downwards. Large parts of ÆGIR stays above surface when the swimmer’s head is in the water. Going up for a breath or sighting legs would normally be pushed down and here ÆGIR helps to pull out of the water. Weaker swimmers would turn the pull bouy up side down and always be pushed up with full 9L with some drawback on hydrodynamics.

The original thought was carbon fiber molding. We did around 20 trials in the garage before giving up on the idea. It is very hard to make something light and water sealed in carbon fiber. Believe us. Now this we do not regret. We found a strong plastic supplier by the shore of lake Vättern in Motala Sweden. Together we developed ÆGIR in PET plastic; same as a recyclable plastic bottle.

We hope you will like our product. Its performance is theoretically perfect within the current space envelope.